Solange Dining Table Dining Table
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Solange Dining Table Dining Table
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Solange Dining Table Dining Table
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Solange Dining Table Dining Table
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Solange Dining Table Dining Table 120cm
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Solange Dining Table

Size: 120cm
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Experience the epitome of dining sophistication with our circular Solange Dining Table. Immerse yourself in the luxurious charm of its slate top, where each swirl and shade tells a story, turning meals into sensory journeys. The true magic lies in the interactive turn table, effortlessly rotating dishes for shared moments and engaging conversations. The elegant bronze frame, meticulously crafted, adds an air of refinement that perfectly complements the slate's natural beauty. Beyond the aesthetics, this table is an investment in enduring quality, offering stability and a legacy of aesthetic delight for generations to come. Welcome innovation and luxury into your dining space, and elevate your hosting game with the circular Solange Dining Table.

Features + Specs

  • Modern Contemporary
  • White + Bronze
  • Titanium Brushed Stainless Steel Frame
  • 12mm Slate Top

AU Size 

  • Table: 120cm L x 75cm H
  • Table: 150cm L x 75cm H 
  • Turntable: 80cm ø
  • Base: 70cm L x 70cm W


US Size 

  • Table: 53.1" L x 29.5" H
  • Table: 59" L x 29.5" H
  • Turntable: 31.5" ø
  • Base: 27.6" L x 27.6" W
  • Luxurious slate top with captivating natural patterns
  • Innovative circular turn table for interactive dining experience
  • Elegant bronze frame exudes timeless refinement
  • Blend of innovation, sophistication, and functionality
  • Enduring quality ensures lasting elegance
  • Elevate hosting with unmatched dining sophistication
  • Seamless fusion of aesthetics and functionality
  • Transform meals into cherished sensory journeys
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lucie Hermiston

Finally received the baby I need, things are very good, the price is cheap, thank the shopkeeper! To be honest, this is the most satisfying shopping I've ever done. Whether it is the attitude of the shopkeeper or the items, I am very satisfied

Murl O'Conner

It's so perfect to put inside the new home, it works so well. It took a long time to look at the decor before I ordered it. The service is also very good, gave me a lot of advice

Talia White

Solange Dining Table

Kariane Cronin

Good care, excellent quality, tightly packaged

Mac Monahan

The dining table is made of rock slab, odorless and good care, strong and firm than high, affordable price.