Royale Beige Rug Rug 120 x 160cm Beige
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Royale Beige Rug Rug
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Royale Beige Rug Rug
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Royale Beige Rug Rug
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Royale Beige Rug Rug
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Royale Beige Rug

Size: 120 x 160cm
Color: Beige
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Introducing the Royale Beige Rug – where elegance meets comfort. This rug is the epitome of refined sophistication, adding a touch of timeless luxury to your living space. Its neutral beige hue effortlessly complements any decor, while the plush texture invites you to sink your feet into pure comfort. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Royale Beige Rug is a statement piece that exudes quality and class. Elevate your home's ambiance with this exquisite rug and experience the perfect fusion of style and coziness. Redefine your space with the Royale Beige Rug and embrace the enduring charm of timeless elegance beneath your feet.

Features + Specs

  • Modern Contemporary
  • Beige + Off White
  • 100% Polyester 

AU Size 

  • 120 x 160cm
  • 140 x 200cm
  • 160 x 230cm
  • 180 x 280cm
  • 200 x 300cm


US Size 

  • 47.24" x 62.99"
  • 55.12" x 78.74"
  • 63.00" x 90.55"
  • 70.87" x 110.24"
  • 78.74" x 118.11"
  • Timeless elegance in neutral beige
  • Plush and inviting texture
  • Complements any decor effortlessly
  • Meticulously crafted with attention to detail
  • Statement piece exuding quality and class
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Alfonso Beahan

This style looks really nice. the surface is also very good. it is soft and comfortable to sit.

Leta Fay

The carpet is very soft, very comfortable, the cream style is not only gentle style, but the surface is also soft.

Amos Conn

The color of this rug is a very gentle color, I like this feeling very much

Otha Bednar

A very soft carpet with a moderate thickness and fits the ground very well.